Happenings – 2013 Feb 15

Well…. All week long I had expected to say that the close approach of an asteroid was a non-event… I expected to say that it shot thru our ring of communication satellites without hitting anything, and just kept going.

And do it did. (Hmm. Would the NSA actually tell us if it lost a secret satellite?)

What none of us were expecting, of course, was the meteorite that crashed into Russia. Since it came from an entirely different direction, we believe that it was not associated with the asteroid. It broke a lot of glass, and injured a lot of people, but it wasn’t exactly devastating. I understand that people are already selling alleged pieces of it.

I’m really beginning to feel overwhelmed by my classes. I doubt that a technical post will go out this Monday, but we’ll see. At the moment, however, I don’t plan on trying to assemble one.


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