Happenings – 2013 Mar 23

So what’s been happening?

I’m down to one course – but I should have noticed that a quiz was due at 4 am this morning. Oh, well. We’ll see what happens.

So, I got a certificate with distinction for the image processing – but I’d really like to do some actual image processing! Didn’t actually find time to do that.

I expect to get a certificate in control of mobile robots, but the grading doesn’t actually end until midnight or something Sunday, so we’ll see. And, just as with image processing, I really need to do some controls.

There is no certificate, or even a record of my grade, for the computational finance – but that’s OK: I learned something, and that suffices. I am a little shocked that there is no record of my grade… but that’s no big deal.

So: I should start working on a technical post for Monday evening.


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