Happenings – 2013 Feb 22

I dove straight into homework this morning… but let me take a break and put out my usual (and recently very short) diary post for the week.

In principle, I’m up-to-date in two of my four online courses (Image Processing, and Control of Mobile Robots). I’m not doing anywhere near what I’d like to, but I am doing what I must do.

The third course (Intro Computational Finance) is beginning to look manageable, since I’ve done most but not all of the final homework assignment. The material from week 8 took me a while to make sense of. The last homework and the final exam are due a week from tomorrow, the evening of Mar 3. This class began back in December and is just about over.

The fourth course (Digital Signal Processing) still looks wonderful, but I’ve got a pile of work due Tuesday evening. Well, with the third course looking under control, maybe I’ll get through that pile of work. Let’s see: I have to get MATLAB to draw some pictures… play another set of lectures… do some homework… and take two quizzes.

If you think there’s a technical post coming out this Monday… sorry, but I really doubt it.

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