Happenings – 2012 Dec 29

Christmas vacation continues.

I was away from home over Xmas, from the Saturday afternoon before until the Wednesday evening afterwards… I visited an old friend in Sedona AZ, driving there in two cars with two other friends, but returning alone. It amounted to 500 miles of my driving on Sunday, and 750 on Wednesday. Whew!

Thursday I got caught up on the Coursera class (“Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics”) I’m currently taking. This week there was a mistake in a lecture example which was not corrected in the supporting slides. Tsk.

Yesterday I read a little about The Standard Model of elementary particles, but mostly I worked on my annual end-of-year letter. And in the evening I watched some Teaching Company lectures on modern European history (i.e. starting in 1715, with the death of Louis XIV; ending on the eve of World War I).

Today I’ll try to do a mixture of math and the annual letter, and perhaps some more European history in the evening. No, I do not expect a technical post to go out on this Monday, New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year.

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