Happenings – 2013 Jan 5

I haven’t even finished Xmas yet – still more friends to visit and gifts to exchange. I’m not planning a technical post for this Monday. Heck, I’m not even going to try yet to summarize the past year on the blog – I’m still working on my annual dead-tree letter.

I have, however, found an excellent reminder that whatever you read on the Internet should be viewed with caution. (A lesson we should have learned about whatever we hear during election campaigns, too.) It seems that some person or persons has been promulgating a completely fictitious war about 500 years ago, on Wikipedia. The material was just removed – after 5 years. If it’s important to you, check multiple sources.

(I do realize that I’m trusting Wikipedia when it says the article about that war was untrustworthy.)

Now let me get back to the rest of my life.


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