Happenings – 2013 Mar 9

School continues, online of course.

I have finished a second course, Image and video processing…. As usual, I’ve done what I had to, not all that I wanted to. Anyway, I’m down to two active classes. (Never again will I try 4 at once. And I’m not even thinking about the next course I’ll start yet.)

This leaves Control of Mobile Robots – where the major challenge is that we can only take each quiz twice, but I was doing OK… and Digital Signal Processing, where I have fallen quite a bit behind. For the controls course, my next quiz is due next Sunday evening. For the signals course, on the other hand, quiz 3 is due before I go to bed tomorrow. OTOH, I can take each quiz 100 times.

And this is the weekend I really ought to get all my tax stuff together for my tax man.

As for the rest of the world, I’ve noticed that physicists are not ready to declare that they have found the Higgs particle… the Pittsburgh Steelers have released James Harrison.


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