Happenings – 2013 Jan 12

Well… I have just about finished my dead-tree annual letter, so I can start getting back into the blog.

I put out 93 posts in 2012, 52 of which were my diary (“Happenings”) posts, so only 41 technical posts. The blog got about 81,000 hits during 2012, an average of about 222 hits per day – but as usual, interest picks up as time goes by… the last three months were far more active than the first three… 300 hits in a day no longer looks unusual.

Here’s a picture of the monthly totals for about the past 2 1/2 years:

2012 monthly hits

For the year, the first poker hands post was the most popular, followed closely by the CIE chart; these stand in reverse order all-time – that is, the CIE chart is still number 1 all-time.

Here’s a picture of the all-time leaders (every post with more than 3000 hits total):

all time over 3000

Most of them continued to be among the most popular posts during the year. In fact, the two HSB posts are the only exception: ranked very highly all-time, they lost out during the year to newcomers such as trusses and group theory, the 12 pentagons post, and the color post using pie charts.

Here’s a picture of the posts that had at least 1000 hits in the past year:

2012 over 1000

My general feeling over the year – silly me – was that 5% of my posts account for 95% of the activity. Nonsense. I’d had 225,000 hits by the end of the year… 38,000 of those were my home page, so we’re looking at 187,000 hits attributed to posts. All-time, 47 of my posts have 1000 or more hits, for a total of 118,900 – so those 47 posts account for 63 1/2 % of activity… and those 47 posts are 10% of the 465 total posts thru the end of the year: 10% of my posts account for 63% of the interest. Alternatively, if I discount the Happenings posts, these 47 posts are about 20% – and still account for 63% of the interest. (I may be the only person who reads Happenings posts!)

Anyway, I’m delighted to see that such a variety of posts is popular, and that readership is growing. I hope all of you – and new people, too – continue to find interesting and/or useful mathematics here.


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