Happenings – 2012 Dec 15

There’s not a lot to talk about today.

Most of my free time this week went toward the Coursera class on computational investing… as I said before, the instructor didn’t manage to deliver all that he had hoped… but it forced me to look elsewhere for the CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model), and it introduced me to the programming language Python… with which I’m struggling. Since I got two things out of the class, it was worth more than I paid for it (namely, nothing). On the other hand, I spent my time on it….

Since this class was supposed to end tomorrow, and a different but related class is starting Monday, I’m going to bail on this first one and start the new one.

In other news, I have finally stopped following the sic.math newsgroup; there just hasn’t been much at all worth reading. I should get back to looking at the stack exchange for non-research math.

I hope to put out a technical post this coming Monday, but I doubt very much that there will be posts the following two Mondays, which are Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve respectively. There might not even be a technical post on the first Monday of 2013, because I might still be working on my annual letter which goes out this time of year.

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