Happenings – 2012 Sep 29

First of all, news about the blog. Sometime this past Tuesday night the blog had 200,000 hits since inception almost 5 years ago. The daily record remains 542 hits… the weekly record is 1911… and the monthly record is 7077.

I was reminded of another reason to go with the extended keyboard… on the old Apple keyboards, shift–return executes all of the Mathematica® commands within a selection. I frequently use that to execute earlier sections of a problem I’m working on.

Having looked this morning for more news about the seismologists on trial in Italy, I find that the prosecution has made its closing arguments… it has asked for four-year prison sentences for the seismologists as well as for the civil servant who actually made the falsely reassuring statement that there would be no earthquake in the near future. The trial will resume on October 9, at which time the defense will make its closing arguments. A search on “Italy seismologist” will turn up this recent news. My initial post on this is here.

I have begun taking an online class, through coursera.org… this is an introduction to the R statistics package, which is the free open-source analogue of S-plus. Owning Mathematica, I doubt that I will ever use R for statistics… but, who knows? It has powerful tools for cleaning up missing values, and if anyone ever gives me an S–plus data set, I would be able to read it using R. And I have more than a few books which are based on S-plus. Knowing something of R may help.

Finally, I have some ideas for a post this Monday. Control theory is a pretty solid bet, but I don’t actually have even a draft of the mathematics… this alleged post is at stage II. Well, maybe it’s a little closer to stage III. We’ll see what happens, won’t we?


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