Happenings – 2012 Aug 18

I was out of town on business for most of the week… and I didn’t take any math books with me. It feels like forever since I’ve even looked at math. We’ll see what happens today. I’d like to have some fun.

I don’t sleep well in hotels in general, nor in other time zones… back in my own bed finally, I got 9 hours sleep last night (6.5 is usual)… so I’m running late today.

I think I will take it easy today:

Try to take Monday’s post thru stage 4 – written but not on the blog. It’s already close, I think.

Turn all three young alter-egos loose: the kid can do whatever, the grad student was doing arithmetic (number theoretic) functions, and the undergraduate is supposed to do Laplace transforms and circuit theory. All easy stuff.

As for last Monday’s rather terse post… it turned out that most of my regression texts were already listed. I’m just glad my alter ego the librarian got the mechanics right: it had been 2 years and 5 months since I edited the bibliography page.

And that’s all I’ve got today.


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