Books Added – Regression and Statistics

The following books have been added to the bibliography.

Atkinson, A.C. Plots, Transformations and Regression. Oxford Science Publications, reprinted 1988.
ISBN 0 19 853359 4.
[regression; 13 Aug 2012]
This is devoted to detecting outliers (i.e. using single deletion statistics) and to transformations of the variables. It looks like an excellent supplement to Draper and Smith. Text. Epilog.

Mendenhall, William and Scheaffer, Richard L. Mathematical Statistics with Applications. Duxbury Press, 1973.
ISBN 0 87872 047 2.
[statistics; 13 Aug 2012]
While I know there is a 7th edition, I can only hope that it is as clear and useful as my first edition was. Text. Answers.

McQuarrie, Allan D. R. and Tsai, Chih-Ling, Regression and Time Series Model Selection. World Scientific Press, 1978.
ISBN 981 02 3242 X.
[statistics, regression, time series; 13 Aug 2012]
This book has a whole lot more information than what I extracted for my selection criteria; and it covers tests for more than just OLS regression (e.g. robust regression, wavelets, and time series). Monograph. Epilog.

Ryan, Thomas P. Modern Regression Methods. Wiley Interscience, 1997.
ISBN 0 471 52912 5.
[regression; 13 Aug 2012]
A fine second look at regression. I find it a little too terse for learning new things from, but it provides additional insight for things I already understand. Text. Answers.

Wine, R. Lowell Statistics for Scientists and Engineers. Prentice Hall, 1964.
[statistics; 13 Aug 2012]
This is my reference – although it was, in fact, the text for my very first statistics course. It is thorough and precise… and, I hate to say, I’m not surprised that such a rigorous book is out of print. Text.


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