Happenings – 2012 Jun 23

Yet another slow weekend, last week.

Yes, a technical post went out… yes, my alter ego the kid played with stellar interiors – it’s been a while – and with ARMA (autoregressive moving average) time series modeling – it’s been years. But other than that, all I did was to look at a little control theory.

There was one earthquake (3.0) in my vicinity last Sunday… and 3 of them last Tuesday (2.7 to 2.9).

Oh, the temperature in Livermore last Saturday was about 106°. My brand-new air-conditioner wasn’t perfect… it couldn’t hold the temperature to 74° inside the great room… that reached 86°. While that might be terrible for a central air system, I think it wasn’t too bad for a window-mounted air conditioner.

I did find an interesting eclectic collection of Mathematica how–to.

Finally, I got in another wavelet book: “discrete wavelet transformations” by Patrick Van Fleet (Wiley Interscience). I do, however, have some reservations about the website for the book. It doesn’t look, so far, anywhere near complete… and the book was published in 2008, so there’s been plenty of time to add material.

For example… under “computer labs” – and then under Mathematica – there is a list of 68 items… unfortunately, only 9 of them can actually be downloaded.

I’ll let you know how it goes when I actually try working through the book – oh, I just discovered that the image and sound files are included in the author’s Discrete Wavelets package. That helps a lot.

And with that, let me start doing some mathematics. Or maybe I’ll take a nap.


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