happenings – 2012 Jun 16

It has been another slow week for mathematics… but I have a new air conditioner installed in the great room, which is my study. It will get a trial by fire today: the National Weather Service forecast calls for 101° today.

There was one earthquake in the past week within a couple of hundred miles of me, a 2.7 last Sunday. That makes 3 for June.

Let me show you just how slow the week has been. Here are 2 of the spam which were held for moderation. Boy, am I glad I don’t see most of these.

Could not become composed any further effective. Reading this article blog post jogs my memory of my own old place mate! This individual consistently retained chatting concerning this. I will mail this blog post to your pet. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for discussing! [Intended for “trig parameters in practice”.]

Mail that blog post to my pet, indeed! You leave my cat out of this. Or, if you must, send it to both of them.

Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on topic about generic medicines? I⎟d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you! [This was intended for “happenings jun 9”.]

Sheesh! Or Furrfu, whichever you prefer.

Some of the ones held for moderation are so realistic that I’m tempted to allow them – until I notice that all of their praise is being applied to either my “about” page or to my “bibliographies” page. At that point, I trash them.

The 1st order of business today is, of course, to write and to put out this post. My 2nd order of business will be to turn loose my alter ego the kid; I think I’ve been shortchanging him.

A technical post is pretty much through stage IV… I think I’ve answered all of my own questions about it, so the mathematics is done. This, as you might guess, is the post I had hoped to put out last Monday… but there were too many loose threads. I would really like to take this through stage V today, so that it will need only final edits Monday evening.

And that will leave me free to do whatever I want tomorrow. Okay, some of that will be more theory of regression, for next week’s post. But I’m hoping that some of it will be wavelets, and control theory, and maybe I’ll return to electric circuits. With any luck, a little work and a little fun, too.

And that’s all the chatter for this morning.


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