Happenings – 2012 Mar 31

The comfortable routine I have settled into has been disturbed… in a good way… I think.

If I can preserve some of the routine today, I may be able to write up another post about trusses. This one will even be a real truss – a Howe roof truss.

Or, it looks like I have the mathematics for reading the parameters of sinusoids from their discrete Fourier transform… and, as a follow-up post, a nice real-world example. Both look fairly easy to finish off.

In the meantime, my alter ego the kid has finished reading – not working! – Oystein Ore’s “Number Theory and Its History”. It is an introductory level book… very smoothly written… available as a Dover paperback.

Although it had some unfamiliar mathematics in it, what I got out of it was that the 8-gallon puzzle goes back to medieval times.
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