Happenings – 2012 Feb 4

The biggest news in the past week was the response to Monday’s post on group theory. As I said, this blog gets about 1000 hits per week… about 150 hits per day.

Monday is often a good day… perhaps because that’s the day new posts go out. Well, I put out last Monday’s post at 5 PM… at that time, the blog already had 150 hits. It seemed likely that I might get 250 by midnight. The all-time daily high was 309.

I checked a little after midnight.

530 hits. The group theory post alone got 236 hits.

Wow. Okay, I’ll be trying to put out another group theory post this Monday. This one should be straightforward… and maybe 2 or 3 more easy ones before I have to hunker down and work on the last few group theory posts. I won’t be going very far into it, not yet. (To be specific, I do not expect to do the Sylow theorems this time around.)

Oh, speaking of group theory…. It turns out that Mathematica® version 8 can do things with finite groups. I looked at the documentation for version and I have to say that the free package I’m using looks better – literally: it has prettier output. On the other hand, a cursory look suggests that the 2 – Mathematica version 8 and the free package – have some different capabilities.

So I guess I’m going to have to install and play with it.

Oh, speaking of Mathematica…. There is now a “stack exchange” for Mathematica.

(I have previously mentioned the “stack exchange” for non-research mathematics and applied mathematics.)

Oh, and speaking of Mathematica again: it can display Klingon. Now that is geeky.

I’m not sure how many group theory posts I’ll put out before I return to regression. I still need to finish off multi-collinearity by providing a summary… and then there are a few posts I want to put out in order to close out all that I’ve done in regression. Then I can move on to other things. I think I’m looking forward to a small number of posts for each of several different topics.


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