Happenings – 2011 Oct 29

OK, I’ve returned from vacation. It was good.

I haven’t touched a math book in almost two weeks, and I’m having a little trouble picking them up again. And I haven’t really seen much worth talking about today.

The good news last Saturday was that the world didn’t end on October 21 – except that it wasn’t really news, since the overwheleming majority of people didn’t expect it to. (You might – just might – recall that the man who predicted the end of the world back in May changed his prediction to Oct 21.)

While we’re looking back to May – that’s a link to my blog, and the link that follows is a recent summary – the trial is underway of those seismologists who, apparently, didn’t protest when someone summarized a meeting by saying, “We’ve reviewed the recent seismic activity here, and there’s no danger of a serious earthquake.” They’re not actually on trial for failing to predict one… and not even for saying there wouldn’t be one… but for not speaking out when someone else at the meeting publicly misrepresented their conclusions – or misunderstood them.

And that’s all for today.


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