Happenings – 2011 Sep 10

It’s been another slow week for mathematics. On the other hand, I do have a post almost ready for publication Monday evening. Still, that’s writing, not doing, mathematics.

I did, for what it’s worth, use quaternions to look at symmetries of the cube and the tetrahedron. (I ended last week’s diary post by asking whether I should do that or something else.)

I’m watching a tiebreak for the 1st set of the Federer-Djokovic semi final of the U.S. Open… and I’ll be keeping an eye on the match all morning. Ah, Federer just won the tiebreak and the first set… but we’re in rain delay, so it appears I’m not watching in real time.

Boy, am I not in real time! What they’ve been showing is last year’s match! Or even older. Damn!

As for the blog… it passed 125,000 hits on Thursday. As for spam… Spamhaus itself has posted a summary of the case I discussed last week.

Well, having a post already written for Monday evening… I will turn my inner child loose to do whatever he wants… my alter ego the undergraduate will put his time into Stillwell’s “Naive Lie Theory”… I wonder if my blogger can write up one of the dozen or so short pieces I have in mind… and I have no idea at all what mathematics my perpetual student will tackle today.


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