Happenings – 2011 May 28

Yes, this post went out much later than usual on a Saturday – much later.

I was moving right along, assembling notes – actually, I was getting more Internet resources – when I got a call from a friend reminding me that we were to have lunch together.

Okay, get cleaned up and get dressed… spend a couple of hours eating, walking, and talking… then I took a nap when I got home… now it’s late afternoon and I have a post to write….

First, the world didn’t end last weekend. Why am I not surprised?

I’ve continued looking at Fairchild’s “Color Appearance Models” – that’s good, because there’s a comment out here about CIELab that I think I know how to answer now. But my picking up color again came first; it’s just serendipity that it happened just before I needed it.

I’ve also gotten a little further along in the tensorial treatment of stress and strain; I still can’t reconcile Landau and Lifshitz with elementary engineering… but, hey, one way or another I’ll sort it out. But I don’t know how long it will take.

The only thing out of the ordinary this week was a headline that greeted me on Yahoo:

Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predicting Earthquake
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