Simple Projectile Motion 3 – Between roof and ground

Let’s try a much shorter range problem. The ship and the fort in the previous post were shooting at each other from 10 miles apart, and the ship could not return fire for about a 220 yard interval.

Reduce the muzzle velocity to 20 meter/second; change h to -10 meter for the high ground firing at the low ground. With these numbers, this situation is more like two guys throwing rocks at each other; one of them is on the roof of a 2-story building and the other is at street level.

Call them “roof” and “ground” forces.

Here, then, are the two parameters for the roof firing upon the ground force.

Since pictures are quite powerful, let me show you the results up front:

I claim that the roof forces can hit the ground forces 50 m away, while the ground forces have to get within 30 m to return fire.
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