Happenings – 2011 Apr 23

Well, it’s been a relatively uneventful week.

As I expected… while looking for something else entirely, I moved a small box of papers, and lo and behold – there was my book on differential games. It had never made it off that desk, and had gotten covered up by stuff.

I own a book on self hypnosis… I bought it to try improving my memory… but I misplaced it once, and couldn’t remember where it was.

It was on my desk under a pile of papers. (I have friends who often remind me of that memory failure.)

Some things never change. I still lose books under piles of paper.

Oh, I haven’t had time to look at “Differential Games”. And for a change, I am working on this post before turning my alter ego the kid loose… who knows? Maybe he’ll finally get to look at it this morning. But I won’t know until he actually picks up a book to look at.

Now that I’ve gotten through trusses and forces in beams, it looks like the next few chapters of that mechanics book are rather hum-drum computationally… just a few ideas to summarize.

It’s beginning to look like my elementary introduction to stellar interior equations does not have enough information to let me duplicate the result which they cite for the sun. I may try it anyway… and I do have another book about the stellar interior equations.

Looking at subsets of the Hald data – rather then just at interesting regressions – has come together, I think. But I will probably put out two more posts about elliptical orbits first.

As for group theory, I seem to be hung up on an introductory post – so I think I will just get started on the first mathematical post: group homomorphisms.

Oh, I found a link about the mathematics of war. It’s a special case of the mathematics of “complex systems”. The original link is to an article in The Economist. The mathematician in question can be found on Wikipedia… which references a couple of books and a couple of videos. I tried one of the videos, however, and the sound is very poor.

Okay, let me turn the kid loose and see what mathematics he starts my day with.

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6 Responses to “Happenings – 2011 Apr 23”

  1. Sam Kiranga Says:

    My goodness! You sound like a martian of sorts at the least. Some extraterrestrial being of higher intellectual standards infiltrating our worlds global communication system to advance our scientific frontiers of innovation. Awesome stuff, way to go man.

  2. rip Says:

    I’m not sure I take kindly to being called a Martian. After all, almost everything on this blog is undergraduate mathematics or science. Isn’t it?

    OK, thanks.

  3. Vladimir Says:

    It looks like the first comment was a compliment…I think the word commenter was looking for is PROGRESSOR:

  4. rip Says:

    Well then… I think it’s unreasonably high praise, but I thank you for it… I just have to keep trying to deserve it.

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