Happenings – 2011 Apr 16

The big news for the week was that I came down with a cold Saturday night, and that wiped out the rest of the weekend, any possibility of a Monday evening post, and a fair bit of the week. Still, it left me time to think, if not to do.

I think I’m ready to start computing Fourier stuff for “L1 magic”, AKA compressed sensing or sparse representations.

I also think I’m ready to pick up multicollinearity again – I just want/need to write a subroutine to better present the collection of numbers used for assessing multicollinearity. How smoothly that goes will have significant impact on whether or not a multicollinearity post goes out Monday.

My alter ego the grad student made a little progress in the mechanics of beams before my productivity went to hell last weekend. And shortly after I decided it was a shame I only had one reference on statically indeterminate problems (i.e. problems which require the computation of change-of-length for their solution)… I discovered an old battered Schaum’s Outline. I have no idea who gave it to me.

Yesterday I was able to put some time into vector and matrix norms… but I was rather confused by a theorem. I woke up thinking I know what the issue is, but I haven’t confirmed it. Anyway, since I’ve talked about the L1 norm for compressed sensing, and we’ve talked about norms for matrices, I should probably write up something…. I’ve been meaning to, and now it looks like an appropriate topic.

My alter ego the kid is looking for my book titled (I think) “Differential Games”. I just don’t know where it is… apparently not on the shelves with dynamics, math modeling, operations research, or finite math…. Historically, I won’t find it until I go looking for a different book.

And that’s it for now.

On to math.


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