Happenings – 2011 Feb 19

It’s been a slow week.

I’m still watching Babylon 5, but I’ve managed a little abstract algebra in the evenings. The kid looked at two-person zero-sum games this morning.

Oh, no post went out last Monday… I was distracted by another obligation on Sunday… and I needed to think about just what I can do concerning multicollinearity. I had no idea that I was opening such a can of worms; just identifying all the multicollinearity in the Hald data will take one or two or three more posts – and assessing its severity may be more than I can cope with at this stage. I may end up just laying out rough suggestions instead of clearly defined mathematical tools. I do believe I can clarify things… I’m just far from convinced that I can solve the things.

I’ve ordered a book on alternatives to ordinary least squares; it simply looked tempting while I was looking for books on multicollinearity.

I found something, and I’ve ordered it – but I don’t have any idea what it is, beyond the title, “Multicollinearity”. It’s “print-on-demand”, with no ISBN, so I conjecture that it is self-published. With any luck it’s a graduate level exhaustive and informative study – but why couldn’t it be published via normal channels? Maybe it’s just a Master’s thesis overview. Maybe it’s an undergraduate thesis. Maybe it’s 300 pages… maybe it’s 15 pages. And in any case, maybe it’s a pile of crap. For $38 including shipping, it seemed a worthwhile gamble. (Boy, I hope it’s not hand-written!)

I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, the blog had passed 95,000 posts when I took a quick look last Monday morning.

As usual, my alter ego the grad student gets to do abstract algebra now; then I’ll pick up multicollinearity….


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