Happenings – 2010 Sept 3

What’s been happening since last Saturday morning?

Clearly, I put out a short post about Euler angle sequences. It was quite nice that it was a short post, a couple of hours instead of half a day or an entire day. I’ll try not to worry about it the next time a post seems like it will be “too short”.

I put in a little time on linear programming… but I’m at that terrible stage where I can replicate the illustrative example, but I can’t get the very same procedure to work out on a different example. Sure, I’ll get it… but I don’t have it yet.

All it’s telling me is that I don’t actually understand the illustrative example (the story of my life).

As usual, instead of beating my head against a wall, I switched to something else. Two something elses in fact.

One, regression… I think I have decided what the next four posts will be. The issue is not the mathematics, but the organization of the material.

Two, control theory… I have moved on from “direct synthesis” to “internal model control” (IMC). I love it. It really does seem to provide a marvelous framework for my understanding. I’m looking forward to describing it.

Alas, I have not touched Boolean algebra or logic in the past week… so it may well have been three weeks now since I touched it at all.

Still, regression and control theory have come along nicely. Last weekend was very good.

I still plan to hit the Highland Games later this morning, so I may not get much math done today. But there are two more IMC examples to work out in one book… and several more in another…. Let me at them!

At times like this, my kid and my grownup agree on what we’re going to do.


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