Happenings – 2010 July 10

Okay, no technical post at all went out last weekend. By the time I realized that I was facing mathematical difficulties with the logic post, I didn’t even have enough time to finish off a projectile post.

I did, however, get up very early this morning… and I had been thinking about it during the week… and I think that I have resolved all my difficulties. I’ll see if I can knock off the logic post today… and then I would still have tomorrow in reserve.

The fact remains, nevertheless, that if I encounter more difficulties with the logic today, I will probably switch to another topic for a technical post this weekend, most likely the projectile post. That is, if the logic doesn’t hang together today, I will take a break from it. Enough!

And that’s it. I haven’t thought about any other subject, mathematically, since last weekend. Oh, there are a couple of new questions in the comments, and I have been thinking about those. I’ll try to get to them by the end of the day.


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