Happenings – 2010 June 26

It’s not yet 9 AM as I begin to write this… I’ll do this first, and then turn my inner child loose… he wants to do control theory… and we may not stop after I start. (I did a little reading in control theory yesterday, and this morning the kid wants to do some computing with it.)

Well, we’ll have to stop at some point… I really want to get a technical post ready today for posting Monday evening.

Not a whole lot has happened since the last Happenings post.

I made good progress in Brown’s “Boolean Reasoning”, both understanding the math and getting Mathematica to do things for me… but I’ve stopped at a chapter boundary.

One of Brown’s major references has arrived: a used copy of Rudeanu’s “Boolean Functions and Equations” (North-Holland, American Elsevier, 1974). It looks wonderful – not just because it’s full of examples, but because it’s pretty clearly written.

This means I have two books dedicated to the subject of Boolean equations, and a third book which includes the topic. Even better, the three have different approaches. (The third one is the Schaum’s Outline, “Boolean Algebra & Switching Circuits” by Mendelson.

Incidentally, two of the three are quite cheap, since Brown’s book is a Dover paperback.

And I think that’s it. I want to do some computing this morning, and I just don’t have the patience… I’m just not mellow enough… to chatter about my mathematical life. Not this morning. I need a math fix.


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