Happenings Apr 11

Okay, it’s just after noon on Saturday. I have continued working with wavelets, but I have to tell you I’m not happy. So far, no single book I own seems to be answering all of my questions.

As a result, the projected wavelet bibliography is growing. And the number of details that should be mentioned for each book is growing, too.

As much as I would like to compute like a madman, I think I’m going to have to curl up in a comfortable chair and read about wavelets for a while. In several books.

I couldn’t do mathematics without theory; it is theory that gives me paths through the jungle. But I need a flashlight and a magnifying glass, too, and I get them from computation and examples.

Computation is not going well, self-contained examples are hard to come by, and sometimes it seems that no two authors use the same definitions. (Okay, that crack about definitions is a slight exaggeration.)

If nothing else, I think I will still try to show you how to compute — that is, one way to compute — the Daubechies D4 scaling function.

But for mathematics, I think it’s time to put away the magnifying glass and the flashlight, and just wander down some pathways through this jungle. I need more context and more general understanding, before I return to computation.

(And the kid in me has been playing with stepwise regression and spectral analysis of time series. He thinks wavelets are too hard, right now. That’s okay; the grown-up in me wants to do wavelets.)


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