Happenings Apr 4

Some things are more than habit, they are personality. One year in high school I had to write an English paper every other Friday. That was a good thing: I learned to write, by writing.

What I did not learn was to write the papers ahead of time. All of those papers got written Thursday night — usually late Thursday night.

Now it’s 7:37 AM Saturday morning and I have about 35 minutes to put out this post.

Some friends and I are getting together to watch “The Lord of the Rings”.

Perhaps a question flickered briefly in your mind — “But which one?” And it might have been followed by the realization that if I had meant one movie, I would have named it.

We’re going to watch all three movies in the trilogy, today. All three extended versions. I have to drink some coffee, take a shower, grab a fast food sort of breakfast and drive 30 miles or so, for a 10 AM start. (Yes, they will wait for me, but the later we start the later we finish.) I should be home before midnight.

But I like putting out a weekly post about what’s happening — I like showing up on my blog for this — so let me do my weekly writing assignment. It’s not too difficult this morning, and maybe that’s one reason why I put it off until the last minute.

Clearly, I won’t do any mathematics or any more blogging today.

What I plan to put out is a computation of what’s called the Daubechies D4 scaling function. I can’t speak for you, but I like this computation. (So this is something in the subject of wavelets.)

What I’ve been struggling with is the bibliography for wavelets. The challenge is that I am not yet a journeyman — never mind master — in the subject. I haven’t yet worked my way all the way through any of my wavelet books, so I can’t speak authoritatively about them. But it would seem a shame to give you no references, or almost none.

Well, fine. I’ll tell you about some of the various books I have — and when I know more about them, I’ll tell you more about them.

For the blog, then, I’m expecting to put out a bibliography post on wavelets and a really neat calculation.

For mathematics, however, I don’t see how I’ll get much done this weekend.

As usual, of course, we’ll see what happens. (Oh, it’s only 8 AM as I finish the first complete draft… and 8:09 AM as I save the final version. I have 6 minutes to spare.)


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