Books Added: More Color

The following books have been added to the bibliography.

Two of them are collections of colors. Starmer is for interior decorating, and its colors are not RGB or CMYK but rather suggestive names. I had thought I might find a specific paint maufacturer named in the book, but I didn’t. Well, if I have to, I can scan a page and let my computer figure out what colors it has on it. In any case, this book is distinguished by its marvelous form of presenting its color combinations. Most of a page is taken up by the main color, then there are two small accent colors and two smaller highlight colors.

Kuno is “just” a collection of swatches rather than combinations, except that each page has something in common, such as “sky & wind”. I find some of these colors very attractive. They all have CMYK specifications.

Gonzalez & Woods is a very recent book on digital image processing. My only general text was ancient, so I followed a newsgroup recommendation and bought this. (I had bought a specialized text last year just because someone needed help on a wavelet problem in it!) It turns out that they have the HSI color model, the one with trigonometry.

Finally, Rossotti is a short paperback introduction to color in general, but it gets just enough into the details to be interesting. For example, although I don’t really, really care how photographic emulsions combine to give us color photography, her discussion was detailed enough to make sense, general enough to not drive me away.

Kuno, Naomi. Colorscape. Collins Design, 2008.
ISBN 0-06-121011-0.
[color combinations; 2 Mar 2009]
A collection of swatches, in all sorts of categories. Beautiful colors, with CMYK specifications.

Gonzalez, Rafael C. & Woods, Richard E. Digital Image Processing. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008 (3rd edition).
ISBN 0-13-168728-X.
[image processing; 2 Mar 2009]
A very well-reviewed recent textbook in the field.

Rossotti, Hazel. Colour. Why the World Isn’t Grey. Princeton University, 1985 (paperback, with corrections).
ISBN 0-691-02386-7.
[color theory; 2 Mar 2009]
A wide-ranging book, technical enough to be interesting but not overwhelming. Includes, for example, the physics of color photography.

Starmer, Anna. The Color Scheme Bible. Firefly Books, 2005.
ISBN 1-55407-032-5.
[color combinations; 2 Mar 2009]
Primarily for interior decorators, the book nevertheless has a spectacular presentation of color combinations.


One Response to “Books Added: More Color”

  1. Dana Says:

    Another good addition of book for the interior decorating designers.

    In interior designing color plays a major part as important as the patterns furnitures according to the space.

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