Happenings Feb 20

Of the questions I asked early this month, I really should be able to polish off the rotation equation, and the Basilevsky questions. (The computational failure last weekend was merely a typo, using the wrong variable.) I still have not touched simplicial coordinates at all.

The second color post is coming along nicely. As usual, I slow down when I remember that I can’t just copy something and put it out here. It might work for you, but it doesn’t work for me. I need to play with it, to even begin to understand it.

What am I going on about? The algorithm for converting RGB to HSV is very straightforward; the inverse algorithm is not. I was tempted to just put it out here (really), but then I came to my senses. And as usual, I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before.

We’ll see what’s actually comes together this weekend. The third color post should be easy — but that’s what I said about the first and second, too. Summarizing Bloch’s Chapter 3, as I said last week, is looking do-able — but I ran out of time to do it last weekend. And I have already referenced two color books in a post, but I had not included them in the bibliography.

So, there are a bunch of things I can choose from in order to put out posts. But what mathematics am I doing?

I have picked up wavelets again. (I didn’t ask whether it was my kid or my grownup who wanted to do them.) I think I have forgotten to say that I am reading Simmons’ functional analysis book. (That’s how I think of it; its title is “Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis”, republished by Krieger.) I should probably start working a real aircraft model; that should induce me to write up the old stuff that I now understand.

Always this conflict: what I understand is boring, but I can write about it; what I don’t understand is fascinating, but I can’t write about it. That statement is more than a little unfair: I enjoy explaining things, and I almost always learn something when I’m trying to summarize things. Boring is hardly a fair description. For me, the great benefit of this blog is that it has taken me further than I would have gotten, had I not written examples and summaries. But it’s also taking longer to get through things.

In practice, this means that I make plans about what to publish — but I also go wandering unplanned through mathematics, looking at whatever I please. And sometimes my wandering does not leave enough time for publishing.

Incidentally, there have been a couple of interesting posts to the sci.math newsgroup: one about books on graph theory (“a good graph theory book”, Feb 17), which mentions books that I have not; and one about the distinction between limit points, accumulation points, and cluster points “(term for a set with no limit points?”, Feb 18).

There has also been an interesting post about “generalized eigenvectors”, which I have been meaning to talk about. it’s on another blog:

Maybe I’ll think about adding a blog roll to my front page.


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