happenings — latex

3 Responses to “happenings — latex”

  1. Edward Says:

    Thank you for the LaTex samples. I can not for the love of money display a simple product, for example, of n primes each labed p subscript i. I have been trying variations of the following without success: \p_1p_2\dotsm
    The dotsm work,but not the letters p nor variables such as x or y. I do not know if the problem is 1.)me 2.)wordpress 3.)other.

  2. rip Says:

    Hi Edward,

    I know how frustrating it can be to track something down. I made two changes: drop the backslash in front of p1, put a space after the 1.

    I expect that this code will not work in a comment, but I have checked it. Perhaps more importantly, this is a copy-and-paste of what worked for me.

    p_1 p_2\dotsm


  3. rip Says:

    Hey, it worked!

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