Books added: no, but additional information added

I have made a major edit to the bibliography. I have tried to mark 3 pieces of information for each book. To be specific, I have tried to mark affirmative answers for 3 questions. (A search should find only affirmative answers.)

Answers. Does it have answers or hints for “many” problems? If so, that is one more reason why the book may be suitable for self-study without a teacher.

Guide to further reading. Not just a bibliography; not just detailed references; but “if you want to know more about this, consider these books, and for more about that, look at those books….” This was prompted by the magnificent guide in Bloch. I wish it were always so clear-cut. O’Neill’s “Elementary Differential Geometry” (2nd ed.), for example, has a short bibliography (8 books), which leads me to say, “I could afford to own all these.” (I own all but one; maybe I should rectify that just for completeness. I like short bibliographies.) Furthermore, he has a sentence about 2 of them. Technically, he has a guide to further reading, and I said so; but I qualified it as only two books. OTOH, a few books break things down into subcategories, but unless they said something about individual books, I didn’t view that as a guide. (The same effect is achieved by end-of-chapter bibliographies, and it’s not what I’m trying to flag.)

Epilog. What might we find in the next book? Not appendices, but for example, a final chapter entitled “advanced topics” – specifically because he said he couldn’t cover them but he wanted to mention them. This was prompted by a marvelous epilog in Massey’s “Algebraic Topology: an Introduction”.

I have tried to set it so that searching the bibliographies page for “guide”, “answers”, or “epilog” will find no extraneous occurrences of these words, except for titles which contain those words.

Finally, the edit date for every book affected by any of these changes is 5 Nov 2008, so you can search the bibliography for 5 Nov to find these changes. That is, until I have some reason to make another edit to any one of the books affected today.

No new books were added today.

I tried to be careful, both looking thru books and editing the bibliography, but don’t bet the farm on my tags; and remember that some of my editions are not current.


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