happenings – 31 May

Not much. I’m down with a cold, and don’t feel at all energetic or like focusing on anything.

Sure, I’m browsing “simplicial complexes” in books other than Bloch: his treatment is a little too condensed for me, and I want to play with those things. And I’m thinking about PCA / FA as Malinowski does it, but he has broken out of the box we’ve been in, in a couple of ways, and I’m struggling with the presentation (FYI, “target testing”, and “noise”).

But mostly I’m sneezing my way thru a roll of paper towels, sitting in a recliner in front of the TV. Oh, right now I’m heating up a medium pot of chicken soup, and putting this out while I stay close to the stove.

I’ll put out some math when I’m up to it.


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