test input for biblio

This post is a test of a new way of handling the bibliography. Sheesh!

For one thing, I’m using the Firefox browser instead of Safari: carriage returns no longer disappear.

For another, I’ve discovered that I can put some HTML tags in my source without having to put all of them in: the wordpress editor keeps mine and adds whatever it needs. In particular, I can make the bold tags around the book titles a part of the master copy, instead of editing it one title at a time.

I still have to go edit my current complete bibliography to match this format, and let me sort it automatically. As usual, trying to solve one problem, I saw several useful tricks.

That is, these books have not yet been added to the bibliographies page.

Oh, of course they have been by now.

Dirac, P.A.M. The Principles of Quantum Mechanics. 4th ed. revised. Oxford University Press, 1958.
[quantum mechanics; 31 Mar 2008]
This is Dirac. What else need i say? “Read the masters.”

Feynman, Richard P.; Leighton, Robert B.; Sands, Matthew. The Feynman Lecures on Physics III: Quantum Mechanics. Addison-Wesley, 1965;
[quantum mechanics; 31 Mar 2008]
This is Feynman. What else need i say? No, it’s not easy reading, especially for college sophomores, even Caltech sophomores, I daresay. But it’s extraordinary reading. He didn’t do things the way most people did.

Green, Paul E. Analyzing Multivariate Data. The Dryden Press, 1978; ISBN 0 03 020786 X.
[principal components, factor analysis; 31 Mar 2008]
It contains more material, but that’s what I’ve looked at. This is a friend’s book; it is out of print but I may go looking for a copy. His summary of alternatives matches the one in my head, and he is unusual in discussing alternatives. Oh, 1978 makes this the earliest reference I’ve seen to the SVD outside of mathematics proper.

McMahon, David. Quantum Mechanics Demystified. McGraw-Hill, 2006. ISBN 0 07 145546 9.
[quantum mechanics; 31 Mar 2008]
As i said in a post, the book is marred by typos, but I forgive him: he has some great examples. Spice, if you will, that sends me to Feynman and Dirac.

Mermin, N. David. Quantum Computer Science, An Introduction. Cambridge University Press, 2007; ISBN 978 0 521 87658 2
[quantum mechanics, quantum computing; 31 Mar 2008]
It only just arrived, but it looks spectacular. As I said in happenings 24 March, he gave a fine lecture on quantum spookiness, and I ordered this on the strength of his clarity of exposition.


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