Here be dragons – their care and feeding: i.e. “technical remarks”

older posts
if you click on the “math PCA” category, you get a page on which the earliest post is dated Feb 11; it is one of the Jolliffe posts, but not the first one. where are the rest? there is a link at the bottom of that page, “older posts”, and it will give you all the rest of the posts in that category.


if you see any of those yellow and red signs (excluding that one, of course), please try again in a little while. the chances are very high that wordpress is being flaky. “it’s not my fault.”

i do make mistakes, and there are typos in these posts, but that image is real hard to miss; it’s exactly what i see when i preview an equation that isn’t acceptable latex to wordpress. i promise you: there aren’t any of those left when i publish a post. that much i do get right.

please keep coming back despite some technical glitches.

on a mac, apple-F opens up a search box. it is limited to the current page, but you can change the page. on windows, control-F opens a search box. the exact form and location depends on the browser.

as i said last weekend, the wordpress editor now eats carriage returns, and i am terrified of editing the bibliography. i’ll find a way, but until i do, note books that are referenced in posts.


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