in brief

Let me put a little status report out here.
I’ve been doing mostly control theory and the Bloch geometry / topology text this weekend. I have a short list of interesting things I’ve seen in the past week, but they’re not even a rough draft yet. I want to write about Bloch, the book rather than the math, but that’s still a twinkle in my eye, not even a list yet. I want to write about control theory in general, and that’s in stage 2: I have a rough draft of an essay, so rough that it will probably be completely rewritten.
I do have 4 technical posts which are at stage 3: ready to be turned into Latex. Two are PCA / FA and two are linear algebra, resuming the discussion of Schur’s theorem. But it’s evening and I have miles to go before I sleep.
I probably have half a dozen control theory books to add to the bibliography, and also Thurston’s “Three-Dimensional Geometry & Topology”, which arrived this week, which I’ve skimmed, and which certainly deserves a book review. Oh, the short review is easy enough: buy this book; but I ought to elaborate. 


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