minor edits to bibliography

I have tried to clean up the formatting of the biblio page. I believe that I did not add any new books.

In particular, I was trying to get all one font. The lesson is: copy the stuff in from a text file, not from a word file. The annoying thing is that text like this should start off in a word file, so that it can be nicely capitalized automatically. So I need to write and edit in word, then copy to plain text, then copy to here. Grr.

Unfortunately, if I want to underline or use bold, those edits have to be done here, in wordpress; even my plain text file will not really be the source of the post. Besides, all too often I catch a wrong letter or word only after I see the post displayed.

Ok, it sounds easy enough: get used to editing the word file rather than the plain text or the wordpress. Awkward, but I can make it a habit.

I’ll try it for a while. We’ll see how it goes. Keep only the word file as the source, but throw it into a plain text editor before copying to wordpress – and if I never save the plain text file, I’ll have only the word source. Until I forget where I am and edit the plain text. 

Or maybe I just need to do a better job with the style of the word source. OTOH, wordpress itself advises against word input.

I already use a text source for math posts. Except for underlining and bold, I now build a complete text source for a math post, and try to remember to edit it rather than the wordpress. But if you look at the most recent math post – Harman, discussion 2- you will see that I didn’t use word: capitalization is almost non-existent. I’m already using 3 files for the math: a mathematica notebook, its teX output, and a plain text source. I don’t want to go through word, too. Sorry.

Another issue. In case it matters, be very hesitant to open the “code” tab of the visual editor on your own wordpress blog: it changes things. In particular, I have discovered that every apostrophe becomes the end of a paragraph once I open the code window. Interesting, to say the least.

I must also confess that I have had version problems while doing the biblio edit. In particular, I have lost the “date of last edit” info in most of the book entries. If you’re interested in a particular book, reread its entry: I may have edited its content without saying so. I may try to restore the date of last entry on each book, but let me get better at version control first.


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