displaying an array

from a forum post by carl brannen i get the following code for an array: \left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right)^2 =\left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right)     

let’s figure out how to get the array i want. do it here, of course, where i’ve got his code. \left(\begin{array}{cc}\Sigma&0\\0&0\end{array}\right)

there’s a bug. i want backslash backslash 0&0

but i have to type backslash backslash backslash 00&0

because the translator seems to eat the first “backslash 0”.  every time i edit the post! argh! 

clearly i need to use UC O instead of zero.


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  1. rip94550 Says:

    a friend pointed out that the numerical matrix equation i so wrote proudly is nonsense. yes, it is. i was so thrilled to be able to _display_ a matrix, an equation, and an exponent that i wasn’t paying any attention to the arithmetic.

    sorry for any confusion.


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